Jennifer is a great listener and quickly establishes through her attentive manner that she is ready to listen to the ‘whole you’ – not just the specific business problem you might have come to her with.  She has broad experience in leading successful small businesses – and she’s inspired me to enjoy the highs and to work through the lows of my own small business.  Many thanks!

– Jennie Coleman, CEO Equifruit

The ownership team at the Red Apron has had the great pleasure of working with Jennifer Williams of Firefly Insights over a period of 4-5 months in 2018 and 2019. During that time we worked to clarify roles and responsibilities of the owners, perform a salary and bonus review for owners and key staff, and received individual and group coaching/mentoring. Jennifer also worked with us in cooperation with our  Business Lawyer to finalize a revised shareholders agreement. She also helped to provide clarity to the differences between our responsibilities as Owners, Directors, and Employees. As a small business that has grown tremendously over our 14 years, things tend to evolve organically, and we felt it was important to review and synchronize both our expectations, and our goals. 

Jennifer brings incredible knowledge and experience as both an entrepreneur, mentor and coach. Her insight and experience with other small business, their shareholder agreements, and structure was extremely valuable to us and helped us make decisions that were in the best interest of our business. Her approach is holistic, and nurturing, and encourages respectful communications with a goal of improved mutual understanding to support common goals. We could not recommend her services more highly and have truly enjoyed and benefited from the work she has done for us to date.

– Jennifer Heagle, Founder Red Apron