Transitioning Your Business: The Path to Employee Ownership

Expert Guidance for Your Unique Journey

Considering transitioning to your employees, perhaps through an EOT or maybe a Worker-Owned Co-operative? You need an advisor with deep knowledge of employee ownership to chart the right path for your business and culture.

Jennifer Williams founded Firefly Insights to offer expert guidance and support for owners on their journey to employee ownership.

Comprehensive Transition Support

A successful transition requires addressing financial, legal, governance, culture, education, and consideration of the sticky emotional pieces. With over 20 years of experience in employee ownership, Jennifer ensures your transition is smooth and enduring.

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Jennifer brings incredible knowledge and experience as both an entrepreneur, mentor and coach. Her insight and experience with other small business, their shareholder agreements, and structure was extremely valuable to us and helped us make decisions that were in the best interest of our business.

Her approach is holistic, and nurturing, and encourages respectful communications with a goal of improved mutual understanding to support common goals. We could not recommend her services more highly and have truly enjoyed and benefited from the work she has done for us to date.

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Support you can trust

Jennifer Williams

FOUNDER, Firefly Insights

Experience Matters: Over 20 years in employee ownership.

Leadership: Held key roles in a 100% employee-owned company during significant growth and change (2003-2013)

Consultancy: Successfully guided over 40 businesses on employee-ownership and through their transitions to employee ownership, building a robust portfolio of satisfied clients.

Jennifer also owns a family business transitioning to employee ownership and has designed Firefly Insights as a worker-owned consulting firm to support business owners like you.