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Trust, clarity, and alignment

More than a transaction.
Your ESOP needs a cultural shift.


Employee culture shift takes time and the right process.


You’ve created an ESOP and your employee owners need to find their voice.

training & comprehension

You spent years becoming an entrepreneur, let’s fast-track your employees and help them navigate the road ahead with confidence.


Creating clarity on common goals and a clear path to get there.

Jennifer brings incredible knowledge and experience as both an entrepreneur, mentor and coach. Her insight and experience with other small business, their shareholder agreements, and structure was extremely valuable to us and helped us make decisions that were in the best interest of our business.

Her approach is holistic, and nurturing, and encourages respectful communications with a goal of improved mutual understanding to support common goals. We could not recommend her services more highly and have truly enjoyed and benefited from the work she has done for us to date.

jennifer heagle- founder, The Red Apron

Shareholder / ESOP Consulting

Schedule a consultation and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Alignment Audit

We get to know your company and shareholders in order to find the sticky spots.


Creating Alignment

Design and facilitation of custom workshops/meetings, with your shareholders to create trust, clarity and alignment for your group.

Investment based on format and design.