On Transformation

by | Oct 11, 2017

As I walked in the forest this morning the brightly coloured falling leaves reminded me that all of nature transforms and that we too, are part of nature.

Transformation is a process that requires personal forgiveness and kindness. It requires time and space for reflection and inquiry. It requires people around you who support the changes, whether they are subtle or not so subtle.

From my own personal journey I know that this process is not easy. The shadows and stories of our own inner doubt surface and can hold us back from this transformation. For me, having a coach who can gently and lovingly hold me accountable to my journey and who can listen to my darkest fears and greatest hopes has been such a treasure. It has provided infinite value, far beyond what I pay in dollars.

I offer you this, non-judgmental, loving support in your journey, wherever you may be, however messy you may think it is. I offer you a process to get you to where you want to go. Are you ready to let your leaves that no longer serve you change colours and fall? Reach out to chat and see if I can be of service on your journey!

Meet the author


Jennifer Williams


Mentor, Business Owner, Business Coach, Certified Money Coach, and Mother of four.

After growing and scaling her own successful businesses, Jennifer understands the pitfalls, and also the opportunities, involved in the process of transitioning.