It is all within reach…

I used to worry about money a fair bit, though I told myself I didn’t. I also felt like I would never be able to save enough money to retire. Working with Jennifer was empowering. I now realize that it is all within reach as long as I educate myself, make a plan and follow through. I also have a 

better understanding of why I was making the choices I was, which has helped me to change the things I do in a very positive way. 

Jennifer is a warm and lovely person. She made me feel very comfortable and 

opening up to her about my money issues was easy.
I learned so much about myself working with Jennifer. I highly recommend her services. Whether you’re trying to figure out what’s getting in the way of your success or how to improve the good thing you already have Jennifer’s coaching can help. You’ll likely see benefits in other aspects of your life as well!

—- Danielle, Massage Therapist


More positive outlook in both my business and personal finance….

I recently had a few sessions of money coaching with Jennifer, she helped me to identify some negative patterns of my business and financial behaviour and with her money coaching techniques soon equipped me with the tools I need to re align and take on a more positive outlook in both my business and personal finance.

Jennifer is confident, kind and put me at ease whilst dealing with, to most of us a tricky subject. 
—- Neil, Plumber